GNA admits losing Sabratha and Sorman

The Address | Benghazi- Libya

The Presidency Council’s local Ministry of Local Governance admitted on Thursday that the western towns of Sabratha and Sorman were no longer under its control.  In a letter to the PC’s Interior Ministry, it said the two municipalities were now taking orders from what it described as “the parallel government in the eastern region” – in other words, the Beida-based Interim Government headed by Abdullah al-Thani.

The Tripoli-based Ministry of Local Governance disclosed that it had sent letters to the two municipalities asking their mayors and councilors to come to its offices in the Tripoli to clarify their positions. However, they had failed to do so, it said.

The ministry also said that the Sorman municipality was supporting what it described as the “aggression against Tripoli”.

As a result of their conduct, the ministry said it viewed the councilors of the two towns as being in violation of their duties and oaths of office and had consequently revoked their status. It accused them of undermining the social fabric of the state.

It is not clear exactly whom the ministry is sacking.  Both Sorman and Sabratha have been under LNA control for well over a month and last Sunday it was announced that Sorman was one of five western towns where the interim government was appointing a new mayor and councilors. Thini announced the appointment of a new mayor for Sabratha on 11 April.

At the end of last month, members of Sabratha’s security directorate switched allegiance from the Presidency Council’s Government of National Accord to Thani’s interim government.


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