GNA Vice Prime Minister: Al-Sarraj and his militias are the no. 1 enemy of the civil state

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

Fathi al-Majbri, Vice President of the Presidential Council of Government of National Accord, accused Fayez al-Sarraj, GNA PM, of using his powers and influence for personal gains. He blamed al-Sarraj for the failure of the political process and the outbreak of war in Tripoli.

In a televised interview with al-Hurra Channel on Thursday, al-Majbri said that al-Sarrraj has become obsessed with power and he is willing to anything just to stay in his position.

“What civil state is talking about while it breaks through simple principles of government administration?” al-Majbri asked, adding that “Fayez al-Sarraj runs the country through de facto authority of outlaw militias.”

“Al-Sarraj has allied with extremist groups and today they are the backbone of forces that fight against the Libyan army.” He added.


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