Internationally-sanctioned militia confirm arrival of Turkish military vehicles to Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Al Somood militia, led by internationally-sanctioned warlord Salah Badi, has confirmed the arrival of Turkish military vehicles to Tripoli via a Moldovan cargo ship today.

Al Somood militia posted pictures of the Turkish military vehicles on Facebook, celebrating their arrival.

A Roll-on/roll-off ship named Amazon with a Moldovan flag departed the Turkish port of Samsun on the 9th of May and arrived in the port of Tripoli today, according to data provided by MarineTraffic website.

The United Nations Sanctions Committee has announced the designation of Salah Badi, the commander of the Al Somood militia, on the list of international sanctions. This decision was because of what acts committed by Badi undermine security and stability in Libya, according to a joint statement by United States, United Kingdom and France.

(PICTURES) Cargo ship loaded with military vehicles arrives from Turkey to Tripoli


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