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NOC chairman and his contradictory statements about production

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

A week after statements of Mustafa Sanallah, chairman of the National Oil Corporation in Houston on the ambition of the institution to raise production to more than two million barrels in 2023, he returned on Saturday and warned of the loss of daily production level by 95% in the event of continuing security tensions in Tripoli.

Sanallah’s remarks came during his visit in Saudi Arabia on the sidelines of a meeting of the Joint Ministerial Control Committee of OPEC and hours after an armed attack near a Zillah field that was later adopted by ISIS.

Observers say that the statements of Sanallah are unjustified and that the expected 95% decline in production represent exaggeration after the Libyan National Army succeeded in gaining control over a large part of the oil ports and production fields.


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