Survivor of Manchester Arena Attack calls on UK to send army to capture Libyan suspect

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

MANCHESTER – A survivor of the Manchester Arena bombing has called on the British military to go and capture the bomber’s brother who is still awaiting extradition in Libya.

Survivor Robby Potter from the Wirral was standing just a few meters away from the suicide bomber Salman Abedi when he detonated his device.

He shares the frustration of all of the bereaved families that the inquests are being delayed until April 2020 largely because Hashem Abedi has still not been extradited from Libya to the United Kingdom.

“It’s been two years we know exactly where the brother is – let’s go in and get him now.” Potter told Sky News.

“We have tried to be nice – we have got the best armed forces in the world, go and get him.

“The Americans did it when they attacked America they went and got the man behind it, go and get him.”

Hashem Abedi is being detained by a militia affiliated with the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA).

British counter-terrorism detectives have expressed anger at the GNA’s “false promises” after repeatedly delaying the extradition of Abedi.

The Times: British police express anger of GNA’s “false promises” regarding brother of Manchester Arena bomber


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