Egyptian Foreign Ministry: We support the army led by Marshal Haftar because it is organized and committed to military laws

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri said that Egypt supports the Libyan national army led by Marshal Khalifa because it is organized and committed to military laws.

During a breakfast ceremony organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Shukri pointed out to the existence of “some stumbling to the full implementation of the political solution in Libya, which gave rise to a sense of the lack of prospects to reach solutions and led to practices that need to confronted, especially on the issue of terrorism and militias.”

“We are working in coordination with our partners to return to the political framework and eventually the Libyan people have the opportunity to express their opinion through free elections,” Shukri said.

“In order to do so [elections], we must have the security environment and the ability of Libyan institutions to provide this opportunity.” He added.

“We in Egypt will continue to work through the United Nations and its envoy to Libya and try to restore the full focus of political action and not to go out into new frameworks,” Shukri explained.


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