AGC News: Fighters arrived from Syria to join the GNA militias

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Libyan social media accounts have indicated that there were not only armored vehicles from Turkey, but also armed men from Syria who arrived in containers at the port of Tripoli.

The news was not confirmed by photos, but it would not be the first time that it is indicated that fighters, probably jihadist militias in the north-west of Syria, arrive through Turkey in Libya.

Meanwhile, the [Libyan National Army] has given a new ultimatum to the militias to surrender by announcing that it will release anyone who tries not to be involved with the militias. Reportedly, an invasion will begin on the 17th day of Ramadan, with LNA asking residents to take precautions. A few hours after the ultimatum, the [Government of National Accord] issued the same type of message indicating that it will then start the operation to push back [Khalifa] Haftar’s forces.

Speaking of militias on the Tripoli front, local accounts have reported photos of Al Qaeda and [ISIS] militiamen on the front lines of Tripoli complete with flags in the ranks of the GNA. Meanwhile, LNA support forces have distributed leaflets calling for the uprising of the people against the militias. 

Hard clashes were reported on all the axes of Tripoli with LNA advances, prisoners’ arrests and deaths or injuries in the ranks of the militias in the Wadi al Rabie, Salahuddin and Al Khala areas.

The GNA Interior Minister, Fathi Bashagha, considered the real leader of the Tripoli militias in place of [Fayez] Al-Sarraj and [Mohamed] Siala, met in Tunis the French ambassador who offered an unconditional ceasefire to the GNA before Haftar’s visit to Paris. In fact, Bashagha did not get what was requested, or a restoration of bilateral cooperation with France.

Indeed, France has requested, or proposed, apparently in coordination with Italy , a ceasefire, monitoring of the international truce, no withdrawal of the LNA, an investigation into the affiliation of militias, a return to the political process and above all to the elections . The speech fully falls within the scope of what the Italian and French foreign ministers discussed last week in Brussels confirming a renewed convergence of ideas between Rome and Paris.

(AGC News)


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