LNA media denies GNA’s claims of dropping an Emirati drone operating for the LNA

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

The Military Information Division of the Libyan National Army (LNA) denied claims of the forces of the Tripoli-based government of Fayez a-Sarraj about the shooting down of an unmanned aircraft belonging to the United Arab Emirates operating for the LNA forces.

The division added, through its official account on Facebook, that the undeniable certainty is that this alleged debris may have been old and brought from somewhere and stickers were put on it because of the crash of several unknown aircraft over the past years in the western region.

According to the Division, confirmed intelligence indicates that debris is for to the GNA drone, which was dropped by the LNA air defense on Friday night after it attacked the city of Gharyan, and that was announced by LNA media on time.

The flags of the UAE and were made in English on every side of the alleged debris where one of the flags was put in the opposite way, which support the fact that this was fabricated to reach a certain conclusion.

“These lies and fabrications of the GNA forces prove they are ready to do anything, only to cover their defeat on Saturday when they gathered all their troops and attacked the LNA positions, but they did not advance even one meter, and retreated after the LNA seized from them armored vehicles, weapons, and ammunition, and then ran leaving the bodies of their colleagues behind them,” LNA media added.


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