UNHCR secures release of 96 migrants from detention center in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – The United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, has secured on Monday the release of 96 migrants from the Zintan detention center in Tripoli.

“The group were from Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia, and included two newborn babies,” UNHCR said in a statement on Tuesday, adding that the migrants were taken to one of its Gathering and Departure Facilities.

UNHCR said it’s providing the migrants with food, shelter, medical assistance including psycho-social support, as well as clothes, shoes, hygiene kits and blankets.

“They will remain at the facility while they await evacuation outside the country,” it said.

There are 654 refugees and migrants held in the Zintan center, according to UNHCR. The UN agency reiterated its call to the international community to carry out further evacuations of refugees out of the capital.


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