Female boat captain faces 20 years jail in Italy for rescuing 1,000 migrants in the Med

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ROME – A German boat captain faces 20 years in jail in Italy for rescuing 1,000 migrants in the Mediterranean after being accused of colluding with smugglers.

Pia Klemp, 35, could be tried and imprisoned for helping people enter Europe illegally from the North African coast.

 This image emerged after Italian authorities seized Klemp's boat in 2017
This image emerged after Italian authorities seized Klemp’s boat in 2017

Italian authorities allege that she colluded with smugglers to collect migrants at Mediterranean rendezvous points and stage rescues at sea.

Undercover officers took pictures that allegedly show human traffickers ‘escorting’ vessels full of migrants before they are transferred to aid boats.

Human traffickers in Libya are known to be extorting thousands of dollars from migrants who arrive in the country trying to reach Europe.

The ships used to transport them are often not seaworthy or are deliberately sabotaged, forcing humanitarian vessels to stage rescues.

Klemp, who is from the German city of Bonn, has previously insisted that any incriminating pictures were taken in Malta rather than Libya.

Her supporters, 80,000 of whom have signed a petition urging Italy to drop the charges, say she is a humanitarian who has been personally responsible for hundreds of genuine rescues.

She has been under investigation since her vessel, the Iuventa, was impounded in the summer of 2017.

Italy has now moved to ban her from sailing near their coasts altogether.

Speaking to Swiss newspaper Basler Zeitung, Klemp said the money she had already used in her defence could have been used on rescue missions.

“But the worst has already come to pass,” she added. “Sea rescue missions have been criminalized.”

After coming to power in June 2018, Italy’s far-right deputy prime minister began refusing to let some rescue boats dock in Italian ports, insisting that other European countries begin taking a greater share of migrants.

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