GNA-allied militia leader: We were tricked by Al-Sarraj; most of the militias are mercenaries from Chad

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – The leader of Fursan Janzur militia allied with the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA), Mahmoud Jaafar, who is in Italy after being shot by the Libyan National Army (LNA) forces at the Airport Road in Tripoli and lost his left leg, said “During our fight with the disciplined armed forces of LNA, we were unable to return them one meter from their places.”

The Address Journal obtained statements by Jaafar, quoted by a close source, saying, “We have been tricked by al-Sarraj, Head of GNA, and Al-Juwaili, GNA military commander, and most of the militias are mercenaries from Chad.”

“There were great pressure on us and most of the 166 Misrata battalion are underage boys. Most of their leaders were killed by LNA and some of them are with us in Italy,” the source quoted Jaafar.

Juwaili and Bashagha, GNA Interior Minister, are the ones, who control the decisions of al-Sarraj, and most of the leaders of Fursan Janzur began to withdraw and some of them are now in Turkey, he added.

There are Turkish advisers who coordinate with us in the fight and all their guidance has failed, he said

We wish GNA agree with LNA to enter Tripoli without a fight, he added.

“There are terrorists from Tunisia and Syria in addition to Benghazi Shura Council in Ain Zara front line, and our fighters are not satisfied with that but the Misurata battalions are supporting them.”

He mentioned that when they arrived in Italy for treatment, they learned that Al-Juwaili had bought a house in Italy; one of his sons is studying in Italy and preparing himself to move there and there are also bank accounts in his name.


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