Cyrenaica tribal elder: So-called Cyrenaican Body founded by al-Sarraj does not represent Cyrenaica

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

Sheikh Saad al-Amrouni, the tribal leader from Cyrenaica, said the so-called Cyrenaican Body formed by Fayez al-Sarraj in Tripoli does not represent the tribes of Cyrenaica, eastern Libya, and its people.

In statements to The Libyan Address Journal today, al-Amrouni said: “how come al-Sarraj, who is from Tripolitania, forms a suspicious body from unknown people and claims that they represent the people of Cyrenaica?”

Al-Amrouni added that al-Sarraj hired Abdul Hamid Elkezza as a head for that body, while Elkezza, who is allied with al-Sarraj and Islamist groups in Turkey, and at the same time, claims to represent Cyrenaica in talks with al-Sarraj.

“Mr. Elkezza even does not represent his own tribe, as the tribe’s council has publically disowned him, so he cannot speak on the behalf of anyone except himself,” al-Amrouni added.


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