Al-Sarraj: This is our political initiative to resolve Libya’s crisis, while our rebels are continuing the Tripoli fight

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

Fayez Al-Sarraj, head of the Tripoli-based government, announced on Sunday a seven-point initiative “to resolve the Libyan crisis” during a speech in which he discussed the developments in the country considering what he called “the attack on Tripoli.”

Al-Sarraj stressed during his speech that he was fully confident of the ability of his forces to defeat the “aggression” and push it to return from where it came,” claiming that what he called “aggression” is aimed at undermining the democratic path and overthrowing it and imposing totalitarian rule.”

Al-Sarraj claimed that his government made achievements, which he described as “positive”, in terms of security and economy, and the fight against terrorism, praising “the bravery of his forces”, which include a number of domestically an internationally wanted militants.

In his political initiative, al-Sarraj said the initiative is to hold a Libyan forum in coordination with the UN Support Mission in Libya, with representatives from all regions, to come up with a road map for a peaceful and democratic solution.

He pointed out that the goal of the forum is holding presidential and parliamentary elections before the end of 2019. Also, a specialized legal committee will be appointed to formulate the laws on the events agreed upon under the supervision of the United Nations, al-Sarraj added.


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