Conte: Libya is not stabilized nor peaceful for migrants

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

NAPLES – The Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, acknowledged publicly that Libya is not a safe haven for migrants during conference on Tuesday.

“In Libya there is a stalemate, a conflict even if it is not a real civil war,” he said in response to a journalist who asked him how Libya was to be considered a safe haven for migrants.

“Certainly, it is not the most peaceful country in the world,” he added.

The Italian government has been accused of letting people die at sea and of sending migrants back to Libyan prisons by adopting hard-lined migration policies such as closing ports in the face of rescue ships.

“We cannot allow abused and exploited people during their journey to Libya to risk their lives, crossing the Mediterranean, for a dream that does not exist,” Conte said in an earlier interview with journalist Francesco Piccinini.

“Libya has a particular conflict in place, but we work with their coast guard to fight the traffickers”.


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