US State Depertment: Libyan armed militias recruit children forcibly in their ranks

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

WASHINGTON, DC – Libyan armed militias recruit children forcibly in their ranks, said the US State Department.

The US State Department has maintained Libya as an “exceptional case” in the fight against human trafficking, which could not be classified as neutral, at a time when armed groups are involved in forcibly recruiting children into their ranks.

The State Department said in its annual report on human trafficking Thursday that instability and lack of government oversight in Libya allowed human trafficking crimes to continue to become profitable for traffickers.

It noted that several reports revealed since 2013 the involvement of several groups and armed militias, some of which are used as combat forces or security forces by the government, in the recruitment and use of children, the report said.

Based on an international organization that documented incidents in 2018 confirmed the recruitment of local armed groups to children aged 13 to 15 at a time when they remain vulnerable to sexual exploitation, it added.

Media reports in 2018 said ISIS had trained and used children in suicide attacks, and the manufacture of explosive devices, it pointed out.

For the fourth consecutive year, Libya was classified in the “exeptional cases” category alongside Yemen and Somalia in the US annual report on human trafficking.

The classification is based on four categories: the first is the best and the third is the worst. The fourth category, which included Libya, is exceptional for the difficulty of categorizing it impartially.


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