Conte weighing Libya humanitarian corridor

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

ROME – Pastor Luca Mario Negro of the Federation of Evangelical Churches of Italy (FCEI) said on Thursday that Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte “has expressed interest in a proposal for a European humanitarian corridor from Libya.”

Pastor Negro said that Conte pledged to speak about the matter with EU partners, in the “shared understanding that there is the need to deal in a coordinated manner with the current emergency through appropriate operating and financial instruments.”

Italy would take in a certain number of refugees and would ask all EU countries to do the same. “We would like to thank the prime minister for the timely response to our project and we trust that soon an inter-ministerial committee will begin working on it,” said Pastor Negro.

“The prime minister speaking himself about this shows the interest with which the government received our proposal which, also, confirms the support repeatedly expressed by Deputy Minister Emanuela Del Re for the ‘humanitarian corridor’ programs started in 2016.”

As Protestants, the FCEI chief said, “we are already asking our sister churches in Europe to pressure their governments to support the Italian proposal.”


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