Former Speaker of Tripoli HSC: Muslim Brotherhood is dangerous, exclusive group

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – The former speaker of the Tripoli-based High State Council (HSC) said that the Muslim Brotherhood is a dangerous exclusive group.

HSC former speaker, Abdul Rahman Al-Suwaihl, added that Misurata, his hometown, and the rest of the cities of the western region should quickly break away from the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood must be defied as we defied Qaddafi’s dictatorial rule, he pointed out in a statement on Tuesday.

Al-Suwaihlu statement came after he had been excluded from the Geneva committee representing HSC in the Libyan dialogue.

HSC, which is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, announced on Tuesday a list of the 13 members of the Council who will participate in the political track of the Libyan dialogue, which is scheduled to hold its first meeting at the end of this month at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva.


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