World leaders unrecognize Sarraj-Erdogan border agreement at Berlin summit

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

CAIRO – World leaders have committed to ending all foreign meddling in Libya’s conflict at a Berlin summit, and to uphold a weapons embargo as part of a broader plan to end the long-running conflict.

Alarm grew in recent weeks after Turkey ordered in troops to shore up Fayez Sarraj’s Tripoli-based government and support its armed militants.

The summit introduced three clear messages regarding the Libyan crisis, according to researcher and Turkish affairs expert Mohamed Hamed, who told Egypt Today in an interview that these messages included disregarding the border agreement with Sarraj’s government.

The massages further demanded that oil wells in the country remain open and for all parties to immediately respect ceasefire.

He also added that the a good sign at the Berlin conference is that Arab leaders were present at the table, unlike what happened in Syria, while Turkey found itself in an isolation during the conference.

Hamed said that Erdogan likes to invest in the Libyan government to later get advantages from it through Libya’s infrastructure, gas imports and commercial exchange.

“Everyone already knew who was dispatching mercenaries to Libya, but there was no direct confrontation or accusation to Libya,” he added.

Egypt Today


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