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GNA Central Bank Governor: Oil Blockade is ‘Bullet in the Head’

“A blockade of major Libyan oil ports is damaging our economy and must be quickly resolved,” the Tripoli-based central bank governor told Reuters on Friday.
“Now oil represents 93-95 percent of total revenue and covers 70 percent of total spending. This is a bullet in the head, that will hurt Libya and the Libyan people,” Sadiq al-Kabir said in an interview in London. “We really hope the crisis is resolved as fast as possible because it hurts everyone.”
A number of Libyan tribes in Cyrenaica and Fezzan have closed the oil fields and ports in protest against the policies of the Tripoli government headed by Fayez al-Sarraj.

Sheikh Saleh Al-Atyoush, one of the most prominent tribal leaders in Libya, said that the al-Saraj government, the National Oil Corporation, and the Tripoli Central Bank are using oil revenues to finance the war and bring in mercenaries from Syria and Turkey with huge sums, while millions of Libyans are suffering from a liquidity crisis and poor services in various sectors.

“Oil revenues must be distributed fairly among all Libyans, and not be a card in the hands of extremist militias in Tripoli.” He added.

“The policy of exploiting oil revenues to finance the conflicts that the Gaddafi regime had used must stop, and the authorities in Tripoli must end corruption and financing terrorists to kill Libyans with their own money,”Al-Atyoush concluded


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