CBL official reveals details of a suspicious deal between CBL-Tripoli and Central Bank of Turkey

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BENGHAZI – The head of the liquidity crisis committee at the Central Bank of Libya – al-Baida, Ramzi al-Agha, revealed the details of completing a banking process in a deal he described as suspicious between the Central Bank of Libya – Tripoli and the Central Bank of Turkey.

“The deal includes a zero-sum deposit of 4 billion US dollars in the Central Bank of Turkey for a period of 4 years,” Al-Agha said in statements via Al-Mukhtar Al-Arabi website.

Al-Agha pointed out that this deposit is not the first but rather the fifth, as the Central Bank in Tripoli took advantage of the interest prevention law issued by the General National Council and made a deposit without interest in cooperation with the Turkish government.

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