Al-Mahjoub: We will go to Geneva for security arrangements and disbanding the militias

The Libya Address Journal

Brigadier Khaled Al Mahjoub, of the Libyan National Army, said that the army will participate in any international forum on Libya, noting that the military status of the army imposed the current political situation.

“The basic condition for any dialogue is available in Geneva, which is the file of security arrangements, disbanding of militias, and the handing over of their weapons and ammunition to the Libyan army … so we will be present there,” al-Mahjoub said in press statements on Sunday.

He revealed that the army was “very dissatisfied” with the briefing given by Ghassan Salamé, the UN envoy to Libya, before the Security Council. Al-Mahjoub said Salamé did not mention the name of the country that announced its logistical support and its military intervention in Libya on various media outlets, as it did not show the facts in the required manner and this issue annoys the Libyans.

“The matter does not need to diplomacy, as long as Turkey publicly announced that,” he added.


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