Former Libyan Consul in Tunis: Bashagha and Brotherhood want to kill me and listed me on their watch list

The Libyan Address Journal

The former Libyan consul to Tunisia, Muhammed Shaeban, criticized the Minister of Interior of the government of “National Accord,” Fathi Bashagha, and the governor of the Central Bank in Tripoli, Sadiq al–Kabir, whom he described as “the de facto ruler of Libya.”

Shaeban said on Facebook on Sunday that he was forced to resign from the Libyan embassy in Tunisia in mid-January after harassment from what he described as “political parties controlling the Libyan scene,” after statements in which he criticized the Muslim Brotherhood and its control of Libya’s vital state institutions, as well as criticizing th Tripoli-based Central Libya governor, al–Kabir.

Shaeban added that the Minister of the Interior, Bashagha, has listed him on the watch list across Libyan ports and borders controlled by GNA, stressing that he had received information from within the Libyan intelligence service in Cyrenaica that he would endanger his life if he returned to Tripoli as the Muslim Brotherhood and Bashagha announced a reward of 2 million dinars, for any militias arrest him.


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