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Oil revenues reached “zero” in January, Tripoli-based CBL said

The Libyan Address Journal

The Tripoli-based Central Bank said that oil revenues, the main source of income for the country, fell to zero in January, after the tribesmen shut down major oil ports in eastern and southern Libya.

The Tripoli-based bank also said in an official statement that it had not paid any salaries to employees in the public sector for the last month.

The National Oil Corporation warned last week that Libya’s production of crude fell to 204 thousand barrels per day due to the shutdown.

Chancellor Aguila Saleh, President of the Libyan House of Representatives, has said last week that closing the oil fields and stopping the export of oil by social components and the Libyan tribes have its logical reasons.

During a meeting with the Algerian Minister, Sabri Bogadoum, Saleh added that among those reasons is equality in distributing revenues, drying up the sources of financing for terrorist groups, mercenaries, and extremists sent by the Turkish regime to kill Libyans and causing chaos and destruction in Libya and North Africa.


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