Russia concerned about transferring militants from Syrian Idlib to Libya

The Libyan Address Journal

Russian Ambassador to Syria Alexander Efimov stated that Moscow is concerned about the transferring of militants from Idlib to other regions in Syria and Libya.

The Russian ambassador added in a press statement on Monday that “the situation with the transferring of militants from Idlib to other parts of Syria and abroad, for example, to Libya, cannot but worry us.”

The Libyan National Army spokesperson, General Ahmed Al-Mismari, has revealed the names of the leaders of the Syrian mercenaries whom Turkey sent to Libya recently to fight in the ranks of the “National Accord” government forces in Tripoli.

The spokesman said that a person named Colonel Ghazi was leading Syrian mercenaries in Libya, noting that “the nationalities of the terrorists who were transferred to Libya were Syrian and Iraqi.”

Al-Mismari confirmed during a press conference that Erdogan “is planning to send 18,000 terrorists to Libya in total,” explaining that Turkey has transported up to 2,000 militants from the Al-Nusra Front organization to Libya via Mitiga Airport.

“The Mitiga Airport has turned completely into a Turkish military base,” he said, stressing that the Turkish president “transferred 1,500 ISIS militants from Syria to Libya.”

Al-Mismari also said that the Libyan National Army “is committed to the ceasefire to give an opportunity for a peaceful solution, and to expose the enemy before the international community,” noting that the commitment to the ceasefire “has already exposed Erdogan before the international community and his support for terrorism.”


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