Di Maio meets GNA’s Al-Sarraj in Tripoli to discuss ongoing Libyan conflict

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said Italy would continue to work on making sure the arms embargo on Libya is complied with and for a permanent cease-fire. Di Maio wrote the statement on his Facebook account Wednesday after meeting Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) Prime Minister Fayez Al-Sarraj and Interior Minister Fathi Bashaga in Tripoli.

“Italy will be decisive in every European choice. No one knows Libya like we do, no one like Italy has it a few hundred kilometers from its coasts,” he wrote, during the unscheduled visit to the country.

“There is a risk of terrorism that we must not underestimate, countries that do not know peace and that continue to arm the parties on the ground. We cannot accept this.” He went on to say that “today the international community is facing a lot of doubts and one certainty: that the 2011 bombings were an unforgivable error, and that we are paying for this mistake now. But the time has come for a different signal.”

Di Maio wrote that “we are employing an inclusive approach, involving all Libyan municipalities and speaking to all those active on the ground. The aim is to restore adequate security so that our firms can begin investing again. This is not one path, it is the path. That of good sense and those who actually have the future of the Libyan people and the security of its citizens at heart.”


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