German diplomat: Munich talks on Libya to be followed by series of expert meetings

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BERLIN – The Munich committee on Libya this week will mark the start of a series of follow-up expert meetings, German Foreign Office spokesman Rainer Breul said Wednesday.

The committee was unveiled at the Berlin conference on Libyan peace in January. It will convene this Sunday on the sidelines of the three-day Munich Security Conference in the main Bavarian city.

“It will be the start of the international committee’s work. A series of meetings will also be held on the level of experts, rather than ministers,” the spokesman told reporters at a briefing.

Results of the committee’s gathering will be assessed by EU foreign ministers on Monday and Libya’s join military committee, a panel of senior officers from the rival Libyan administrations, on Tuesday.

The Berlin conference was organized by Germany on January 19 in a bid to kick-start the stalled peace process in Libya after an escalation of fighting. It was attended by global powers and regional stakeholders who called for a ceasefire and pledged to uphold the UN arms embargo.


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