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UN to close refugee center next week because of Tripoli militias

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) plans to close “next week” a transit center in Tripoli which has become a “target” in “the worst country in the world” for asylum seekers, sain a UNHCR official in press statements.

The UN body had decided at the end of January to suspend its operations in this Center of assembly and departure when it noted that a military training ground had been built outside the structure.

Since crossing this red line, the HCR has been evacuating the most vulnerable people from this site, which is under the jurisdiction of the Tripoli Interior Ministry headed by former militant Fathi Bashagha, and there were only 119 people left in the center on Friday, said Caroline Gluck, from UNHCR Libya operation.

“It was just untenable to keep things as they are because the center was becoming a target,” she continued.


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