Foreign ministers to discuss Libya in Munich on Sunday

Foreign ministers from world powers and regional actors will gather in Munich on Sunday to discuss the implementation of the Libya cease-fire and arms embargo, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Friday.

Speaking ahead of a panel at the Munich Security Conference, Maas welcomed the new momentum toward a lasting cease-fire in Libya.

“The UN Security Council decision has endorsed the outcome of the Berlin conference after long and difficult negotiations… Last week, the military committees of the conflict parties had their first direct negotiations on a cease-fire,” Maas said.

“And on Sunday, here in Munich, we will have the first foreign ministers meeting of the Berlin process, in order to discuss the monitoring mechanisms and implementation of the conclusions,” he added.

Foreign ministers from the U.S., Russia, Turkey, Italy, France and other regional actors are expected to take part in the meeting, also referred to as the “Follow-up Committee” on implementing the decisions of the Berlin Conference.


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