Shoukry stresses importance of focusing on restoring legitimacy of Libyan institutions

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

MUNICH – Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry underlined on Sunday the importance of focusing on restoring the legitimacy of Libyan institutions and re-forming the Presidential Council to include all Libyan groups.

Shoukry’s remarks came during his participation in a ministerial meeting of the international follow-up committee which is an offshoot of the Berlin Conference on Libya.

The meeting was held on the fringe of the Munich Security Conference.

According to a statement to the press by the Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Hafez, the minister warned of attempts by certain groups to control the situation in Libya, noting that this required confronting such parties that get a boon from maintaining conflicts.

He cautioned that such parties are trying to subvert efforts meant to reach a peaceful solution to the Libyan crisis to end the Libyan people’s suffering.

During the meeting, Shoukri stressed Egypt’s firm stand on the importance of settling the Libyan crisis via a political solution that would pave the ground to restore security and stability.


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