Stephanie Williams: The situation in Libya is “very troubling”

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

MUNICH – A top UN official has described the arms embargo on Libya as a “joke” and said the pause in fighting was “holding by a thread”, in a gloomy assessment of the prospects for peace in the North African country.

Stephanie Williams, the deputy UN envoy, said Libya was “awash with weaponry” and called on the international community to do more to curb their interference in the conflict.  “

We all need to step up,” she told reporters at a security conference in Munich on Sunday.

She was speaking after the launch of the International Follow-up Committee on Libya (IFCL) — a group of foreign ministers, the UN, EU, African Union and Arab League who are trying to bring an end to the violent conflict.

Williams drew a gloomy picture of the situation on the ground in Libya, describing it as “very troubling”. She said that life for ordinary Libyans “continues to worsen”, with one in four of them now affected by the conflict.

Williams said 149,000 people had been forced from their homes in the Tripoli area and 345,000 people in front-line areas were at acute risk of displacement.


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