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NOC welcomes investigation on the pillage of Libyan fuel

The Address | Benghazi – Libya
TRIPOLI – The NGOs Trial International and Public Eye have released a report looking at the smuggling of Libya’s fuel. The National Oil Corporation (NOC) supports this report as the NOC continues to put the fight against smuggling among its top priorities, said the Tripoli-based NOC.
NOC Chairman Mustafa Sanalla said, “Every year the people of Libya are robbed of hundreds of millions of dollars by those who smuggle fuel out of the country. The criminals operate in all parts of Libya, East, West and South and unfortunately enjoy the support of politically influential groups across the country. NOC has been working hard on the front lines to tackle smuggling. Today we welcome this new report that shines a bright light on this criminal practice that steals the prosperous future which Libyans deserve. The Libyan people should be compensated and we will use everything in our power to achieve that.”
“The specific case in this report is the tip of a huge iceberg, as smuggling fuel out of Libya is happening almost daily. We want to see every individual involved in smuggling brought to justice. The pillage of Libya’s resources must end and this investigation is a warning to those involved.”

The report of the NGOs said that the international criminal networks that have links with Europe and Switzerland achieve great profits through smuggling Libyan fuel.

The report revealed commercial transactions in 2014 and 2015 between a Swiss merchant and a smuggling network whose main players are now facing trial in Sicily, according to the report.


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