Turkish expansionist designs in Libya revealed

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

LIBYA – The Turkish ambitions in Libya are gradually unfolding, ranging from expanding military influence in the capital, Tripoli, to profiting from the reconstruction of the war-torn country.

Ankara’s economic ambitions in Libya are flagrantly announced by the Turkish officials and reported by the official media, which is controlled by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s party.

Anadolu news agency said that Ankara is set to acquire a large part of the expected investments in Libya, especially in the reconstruction field, with a value of up to $120 billion.

According to Anadolu,Chairman of the Turkey-Libya Council of the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEIK) Morteza Kernville said that an agreement will soon be concluded between the governments of Ankara and Tripoli in the commercial affairs;the agreement is expected to solve the commercial problems between the two parties.

Kernville stressed the availability of business opportunities in Libya, and urged Turkish investors to seize these opportunities. He added, “During the reconstruction process, homes, public buildings, and infrastructure will be built in Libya.”

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