NCDC: 7 suspects of COVID-19 in Libya are free of the disease

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

LIBYA – The Libyan National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) announced on Monday that the seven cases suspected of corona virus infection were free of the disease according to test results.

The Address Journal obtained a copy of the Center’s report confirming the safety of the suspects at al-Kuwaifiya Hospital in Benghazi; the son of Benghazi Mayor, 21; another citizen called Ahmad Zuway,26; as well as a foreign worker at Amal oil field, called Kevin Ayn, 27.

The Center said in a statement that it took sampling of the suspected cases and conducted laboratory tests on them, after receiving reports about seven suspected cases, including two at al-Kuwaifia Hospital in Benghazi, two at Misrata Hospital, a case at Zliten Hospital, a case at al Zawiya Hospital, a case at Amal oil field.

In its statement, the Center confirmed that the results of the analyzes were negative, and that they were free of the emerging corona virus disease.

Earlier today the Department of Monitoring, Investigation and Rapid Response at the National Center for Disease Control confirmed that the samples that arrived at the center coming from Benghazi were intact, explaining that the three suspected cases were not infected with Corona virus.

The Minister of Health announced on Saturday the quarantine of three suspected cases and conducting the necessary analyzes for them to determine whether or not they had a Corona epidemic after they showed symptoms similar to the symptoms of the disease after returning from countries where the disease had spread.


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