Saleh calls on Libyans to abide by measures to tackle Coronavirus “despite their severity”

The Libyan Address Journal

The President of the Libyan House of Representatives, Chancellor Aguila Saleh, called on the Libyans to “fully comply with all precautionary measures taken to face the threat of the spread of the novel Coronavirus in Libya,” stressing that these measures will not be sufficient “without the cooperation of citizens despite its severity. “

In a televised address, Saleh called on citizens to “unify and adhere to the curfew and not leave their homes except to fulfill the necessary needs,” as well as “adhere to the procedures of the Supreme Committee to Combat the Corona Epidemic, the Ministry of Health and the Interior, and the officially authorized entities.”

Saleh also urged all responsible authorities to “not tolerate to take the necessary measures towards anyone who violates the implementation of the measures taken to address the epidemic and those who endanger the safety of citizens.”


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