LNA repelled to militias’ attack on Ahia Barria and Naqlia Camp in Tripoli

The Libyan Address Journal

The Libyan National Army has repelled the militias’ attack on Ahia Barria and Naqlia Camp in Tripoli, and they scanned the entire area, chasing the militias, and tightening control over their positions, Al-Mundhir Al-Khartosh, LNA media office member said.

Al-Khartosh confirmed that the militias, who are allied with the Tripoli-based government of “National Accord,” targeted the army’s positions through heavy artillery, pointing out that this prompted the military units to respond forcefully to the sources of the fire.

Al-Khartoush indicated that the army forces have made progress in tAin Zara south of Tripoli, after countering militia attacks on army sites, explaining that the militias are repeatedly trying to target the army in various fighting axes.


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