Gen. al-Hammali: The army was bound by the truce and the other side tried to control the al-Watiyah Airbase

The Libyan Address Journal

The commander of al-Zawia military Zone of the Libyan National Army, Major General Abdullah al-Hammali, said that the army forces managed to take control of five new cities within three hours after the militia attack on the Uqba ibn Nafi military base (al-Watiyah Airbase).

Al-Hammali said that the army forces were able to repel the attack and chase the attacking militias until the Tunisian border, after it extended its control over all the cities in the region except for the city of Zuwara.

The LNA commander indicated that the armed forces were committed to the humanitarian truce agreed by the General Command earlier, but the other side took the opportunity and tried to control the Al-Watiyah base because of its great importance in the western region, stressing that the army is conducting a combing operation in the border areas and cities that it control of recently.


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