Acting UN envoy to Libya: Facing Coronavirus is our priority at the moment

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – Acting Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Stephanie Williams, said the top priority of the UN Mission now is to stop the fighting and implement a humanitarian truce in order to focus on fighting the spread of the Corunavirus.

In media statements on Thursday, Williams warned against the continuation of the fighting in light of the spread of the Coronavirus, which will have devastating effects on Libya.

She emphasized that the UN mission is committed to moving forward in the three tracks, based on the conclusions of the Berlin Conference, namely the military track, the economic track, and the political track, which started in late February.

“We now face a major challenge in how to hold meetings under the pandemic, and other challenges, but we seek to deal with these challenges in order to move forward in these paths,” she said.


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