LNA units repelled an attack by GNA forces in Ain Zara, al-Mismari said

The Libyan Address Journal

The forces of the National Accord Government have launched an attack on the Libyan National Army units in the Ain Zara axis, but the latter managed to repel the attack, said Ahmed al-Mismari, LNA spokesman.

In a statement today, al-Mismary quoted the commander of the Ajdabiya operations room and the commander of the army’s Ain Zara axis, Major General Fawzi al-Mansouri, as saying that the LNA “has destroyed three armed vehicles, and killed more than 15 of GNA forces.”

“There are many bodies inside the destroyed vehicles, body parts are spreading on the battlefield, and the most prominent of those killed is Abdul Hakim Al Zain, the commander of GNA Force 42 and the son-in-law of the militia leader Haitham al-Tajouri,” al-Mansouri revealed, according to the spokesman.