280 Saudi doctors participating in combating COVID-19 at French hospitals

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

PARIS – Cultural Attaché in the embassies of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in France and Switzerland, Dr. Abdulla bin Fahd al-Thunayan, announced that 280 Saudi doctors, studying on scholarship programs supported by the Saudi government, were participating side by side with their French colleagues in French hospitals in the front lines of the battle against the dangerous Coronavirus pandemic.

Al-Thunayan pointed out that this initiative would be decisive in developing doctors’ professional lives and raising their readiness for effective work with dedication to face crises of all kinds.

He added that there are also Saudi doctors working in the United States of America, in Britain, Germany and Switzerland, noting that all of them are working hard and sincerely to combat the pandemic that swept the world.

The Saudi cultural attaché added that about 20 doctors work in the Swiss Confederation as well.

Al-Thunyan praised the position of Saudi doctors, which he said reflects the most magnificent images of solidarity at this difficult time of the spread of the dangerous virus threatening humanity.

He explained, “This is not an individual or elite initiative of our doctors, but rather a gesture that reflects the values, ethics and principles of our Saudi Arab Islamic society; this is the kingdom of humanity.”


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