Nalut Military Council withdraws its forces from border points with Tunisia

The Libyan Address Journal

The Nalut Military Council affiliated with the forces of the Tripoli-based Government of “National Accord” has announced that it had withdrawn “all its battalions and companies from all the border points, concentrations, and security patrols extending on a distance of 450 kilometers located on the border strip between Libya and Tunisia and returned them to the city.”

In an official statement, Nalut’s military council said that its decision comes “because it did not receive the necessary support from the authorities in the GNA, despite having sent several correspondences to the GNA General Staff, the Ministries of Defense, and the Interior, and the Customs Authority,” pointing out that “these correspondences fell on deaf ears.”

The Libyan National Army announced that it was close to controlling the Libyan borders with Tunisia after its units entered the towns of Abu Kammash, al-Asa, and Riqdalin, adding that negotiations were still ongoing with the armed groups in the region to hand over the border points peacefully between the two parties.


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