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Sabratha Zakat Fund appeals to GNA thieves to return money and equipment stolen from Faculty of Science

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

SABRATHA – The Zakat Fund appealed to the thieves of armed groups affiliated with Fayez al-Sarraj government (GNA), who stole the office, the main treasury, seals, checkbooks, refrigerators, computers, and financial sums to return these items to the Fund.

The Fund said in a statement that all of these properties belong to the poor and needy, orphans, widows and divorced women, calling on thieves to return them to their poor and needy brothers, especially with approaching the month of Ramadan.

The Fund appealed to the people of righteousness and charity in the city of Sabratha and beyond to seek cooperation with the office in returning these properties, and added: “We have frozen all bank accounts by canceling all seals and checks in the office in accordance with the law, for the sake of protecting the funds of orphans, the poor and the needy.”

The cities of Sabratha and Sorman west of Tripoli are witnessing unprecedented looting and robberies since GNA militias took control of them again and returned the two cities to the organized crime gangs, led by al-Ammo and al-Nemriat gangs allied with their counterparts of al-Zawiya gangs.

Among dozens of headquarters, homes, private property and petrol stations that were stolen, the Faculty of Science in Sabratha has also witnessed stealing, as a big power generator has been stolen, more than 10 computers and 6 printers, a sum of more than 1,000 dinars and expensive laboratory equipment inside the Faculty.


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