Borrell: EU launched operation Irini to protect its interests

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

BRUSSELS – The European Union’s diplomatic chief, Josep Borrell, has said that the war in Libya, right on Europe’s doorstep directly affects EU interests.

“As a major contribution to stem the flow of weapons and thus to create space for diplomacy to succeed, the EU has launched a new EU naval operation in the Central Mediterranean, called Irini,” said Borrell in an article published on Bruxelles2 website.

“An effective ceasefire is required for the start of political talks and the launch of a national reconciliation process among the rival Libyan groups. Stopping the flow of arms and military assistance into Libya should change the strategic calculus of the parties and diminish the viability of any military solution,” he said.

“The fighting in Libya is fueled by weapons and other military reinforcements coming from abroad, in direct violation of the UN imposed embargo,” he stated.

“Confronted with this situation, the European Union has understood it needs to assume greater responsibility to address the Libyan crisis,” he added.


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