Libyans have no choice but to refuse LPA, Field Marshal Haftar

The Libyan Address Journal

Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, general commander of the Libyan National Army, said, “The tragic situation in Libya and the suffering of the people has reached its climax which leaves no choice for the Libyans except to clearly announce the overthrow of the so-called political agreement.”

“The political scene and the economic situation have deteriorated because of the Presidential Council,” Marshal Haftar added in a televised speech on the occasion of Ramadan. He noted that “the GNA’s Council is corrupt, has neglected development, violated the country’s sovereignty, and allied with terrorist militias.”

Haftar called on “all Libyans to take a historic decision to reject the aggression through local councils and trade union organizations to correct the path and restore matters to normal,” referring to Turkish military intervention in support of the al-Sarraj government.

He also mentioned that his forces, which have been fighting since last year in western Libya, “have not neglected the reconstruction, and have made numerous sacrifices to liberate the country from terrorism.”


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