Protesters in Sirte calling for authorizing the army to lead Libya in the next stage (Photos)

The Libyan Address Journal

The city of Sirte witnessed a demonstration in the city center in support of the Libyan National Army, demanding that the army assume the leadership of Libya in the next stage in order to establish a civil and democratic state free of corruption and extremist militias.

During the demonstration, the demonstrators raised pictures of the commander of the Libyan National Army and statements denouncing the government of national reconciliation, accusing the authorities in Tripoli of neglecting national sovereignty, bringing the Ottoman colonial and mercenaries, and allying with extremist militias to steal Libya’s wealth, in addition to the unprecedented corruption in the country’s history.

The city of Sirte, which was occupied by the ISIS organization and then Islamist militias allied to the Tripoli-based Government of “National Accord”, was liberated by the Libyan National Army in a lightning operation last January as part of a broader military operation aimed at ending the militia’s control of western Libya.



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