Demanding of no complacency in the face of terrorism supported by Turkey, Egypt adheres to political solution in Libya

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

CAIRO – Spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Ahmed Hafez, affirmed Egypt’s adherence to the political solution and the principle of searching for a political settlement to the conflict in Libya, despite the differences between the Libyan parties on how to implement it.

In a statement published by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Hafez stressed that Egypt seeks to achieve stability on the Libyan scene while preserving the unity and territorial integrity of Libya, within the framework of its permanent cooperation with brotherly and friendly countries neighboring Libya, which are interested in the fate of the Libyan people.

At the same time, the spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry considered that the search for a political solution does not mean and should not lead to complacency in the face of terrorist groups in Libya supported by Turkey or entering into negotiations with them about the future of Libya.

Hafez also expressed “Egypt’s appreciation for the relative stability achieved by the Libyan army in the Libyan territories, which led to a decline in terrorist operations in this country, which means, of course, that diminishing terrorist danger emanating from Libya to threaten its near and far neighboring countries.”


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