LNA denies targeting diplomatic headquarters in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – The Libyan National Army (LNA) has “categorically” denied targeting diplomatic headquarters in Tripoli, affirming that such actions constitute a violation of the international law.

This comes after local media reported that two rocket-propelled grenades landed on the Al-Shat Park in area on Thursday, in the square where the radio headquarters, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Al-Mahary Hotel, the Turkish Embassy, ​​and the house of the Italian Ambassador are located.

In a statement released on Friday, LNA’s spokesman Major General Ahmed al-Mesmari said that the army’s General Command pledged, as it advanced towards Tripoli, to directly protect diplomatic headquarters such as foreign embassies, international bodies and missions in the capital, as well as the headquarters of foreign companies and state institutions.

He pointed out that LNA made this pledge “to protect the homeland and its guests from terrorism and criminal gangs to demonstrate to the Libyans and the international community that they are fighting for peace, security and stability.”

Al-Mismari held what he described as “terrorist gangs” responsible for targeting foreign embassies and international organizations “in order to pit international opinion on the armed forces,” noting that “what we witnessed with targeting some of the embassies in Tripoli during yesterday comes in this framework”.


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