4 dead from GNA militias in LNA airstrikes east of Misrata

The Libyan Address Journal

Four members of the “National Accord” government militias have been killed as a result of airstrikes by the Libyan National Army in the al-Qaddahiyah town, east of Misrata.

“The LNA airstrikes have targeted GNA militias backed by Syrian Turkish and mercenaries on the road of Al-Qaddahiyah area,” Aguila al-Saber, LNA media officer of Ajdabiya Operations Force said. “The targets were for a gathering of GNA militias inside the Dabnun Farm in Al-Qaddahiyah.”

“The airstrikes resulted in the death of four members of GNA militias, and a number of wounded, who belonged to the so-called Amateen Martyrs militia from Misrata,” he added.


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