HoR Foreign Affairs Committee welcomes joint statement of East Med countries, UAE & France

The Address | Benghazi

TOBRUK – Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, Yusef Al-Aqouri, welcomed the joint statement issued by the foreign ministers of the Eastern Mediterranean countries, the Arab Emirates and France, especially with regard to condemning the Turkish intervention in Libya.

Al-Aqouri indicated that the Libyan parliament hope to be part of the joint coordination aimed at restoring stability to the region.

Al-Aqouri stressed that, as stated in the joint statement, Turkey should stop interfering in Libya’s affairs and bringing mercenaries and weapons in clear violation of Security Council resolutions, which has caused a serious escalation of violence and threatens the stability of the entire region.

The Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee reaffirmed the commitment to the results of the Berlin conference and to work towards a comprehensive political solution to the Libyan crisis under the auspices of the United Nations. He renewed the call to abide by the truce in the month of Ramadan and give the opportunity to humanitarian relief efforts.


Egypt, France, UAE, Greece, Cyprus Condemn Turkish Interference in Libya


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