Al-Mismari announces the “repositioning” of LNA units in southern Tripoli

The Libyan Address Journal

The Libyan National Army spokesman, Ahmed al-Mismari, announced that the army units will be repositioned in the axes south of Tripoli, as part of the confrontations against armed groups of the Tripoli-based “National Accord” Government.

“LNA General Commander has ordered to reposition some of the axes in Tripoli, to new locations, and to new concentrations, and this may require repositioning to previous locations within a well-studied tactical process,” al-Mismari said in a press conference from Benghazi on Tuesday.

Al-Mismary denied reports on “total withdrawal from Tripoli,” stressing that the step was a “redistribution of forces and repositioning them in the combat hubs at specific points within the scope of operations.”

“The General Commander has confirmed that this step comes to spare the civilian neighborhoods in Tripoli the shelling by the enemy during the days of Eid, and so that civilians are not targeted by terrorist militias and extremists,” he added.

Al-Mismari pointed out that this action “has already been taken, but the militias and Turks should not consider exploiting this because the army is ready to forcefully respond to any attack on the military units or civilians in these neighborhoods.” He noted that the army “continues to fight and has the ability and capabilities that it takes to liberate Tripoli from the criminal and extremist militias and the pro-Turkey Syrian mercenaries.”


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