LNA repels an attack by GNA forces in Ain Zara

The Libyan Address Journal

The Libyan National Army announced that its units had repelled an attack by the forces of the Tripoli-based “National Accord” Government in the Ain Zara axis, south of Tripoli.

“The Ain Zara axis has witnessed an attempt to advance the GNA forces towards the Electricity Triangle, and the army forces succeeded in repelling the attack,” al-Mundhir al-Khartoush, a member of the LNA’s information office, said in press statements. He indicated that the rest of the fighting axes in Tripoli “have witnessed a cautious calm with the continued artillery strikes from both sides.”

On the other hand, al-Khartoush reported that the LNA units in eastern Misrata “are in full readiness to advance as soon as orders are issued,” noting that “the central region is witnessing complete calm, after the capture of a member of the armed groups supported by the Turkish invasion, who was on a reconnaissance mission. “


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